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Pre Hispanic Columbian Culture

Pre-Hispanic Columbian Groups

Religious symbols of the Kogi Indians, Descendants of the Tairona.They are the Heads of their lineage and lords of the Four Cardinals Points, and their associated animals and colors. There are opposite and complimentary dualism.The center of the world is the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. The principal point is the ceremonial house, the place of the Mama and the symbolic bench.

The marsupial and his wife,
the armadillo: victim and food.
Color: blue
Dark color
The side of evil.
The jaguar and his wife,
the wild pig: victim and food.
Color: white
Light color
The right side symbolizes good.
It is the side of which men know the least.
The owl and his wife,
the snake: victim and food.
Color: black
Dark color
The left side symbolizes evil.
It is the side of which men know the most.
The puma and his wife,
the deer: victim and food.
Color: red
Light color
The side of good.